A Story Of Survival

February 13th, 2018



meAndPapakittyoct2017.jpgThis photo is of myself and our neighborhood sweetheart we named, Papa Kitty. We have recently opened our home to Papa during the cold winter months here in the country. If one could look into the eyes of a most lovable feline fur baby... it is indeed the eyes to the soul that tells such an incredible story.  A Story of Survival.

Papa fortunately was micro chipped and we were able to find more information out about his prior human Mommy and extended family. Instead of placing Papa out to brave the cold winter months. We have instead continued to lovingly embrace him and welcome him inside our home with our other fur children. It is with great sadness to find out that his original owner, an elderly woman who lived down the street, had passed away late last year. Papa kitty was then placed outside to never return to his owner or home again.

Papa kitty is a well-adjusted older kitty that enjoys to give big hugs, wrap his paws around your legs while he sleeps and gives tiny kisses on your forehead when least expected. His way of expressing such unconditional love that comes from a fur child.

I've always had an overwhelming passion and huge place in my heart for all of God's creatures, both big and small. One will never experience far greater unconditional love in this lifetime as with that love that comes from a rescued fur angel.

The following Podcast-Blogcast is a video of Big LOVE kitty. I would like to express in advance that it is a very sad video of what happens after a pet has been abused. Big LOVE was not only abused by the hands of his owners. But was also severely neglected.

I am very happy to say that he has made a full turn around and almost a complete recovery from his abuse. Big LOVE's night terrors and tremors have been replaced with happy purring and far sweeter dreams. Big LOVE kitty went from a 6 pound adult cat, to now a very healthy 12 lb fur child.  

A permanent part of our little family.

#ADOPT #RescueAFurAngel #TrueLOVE

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A Little Morning Scare To Share!

February 12th, 2018

Watch Now:


Just a little morning scare to share with everyone!

Of course... at Eric's expense.

Make sure to turn the volume up on this one!


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What’s In Your Fridge?

February 12th, 2018



Your questions have been answered!

While still maintaining a 95% liquid diet... I decided to finally answer numerous questions on what kind of liquid beverages and supplemental shakeYEStoYasso_800x400_.jpgs do I consume on a daily basis. Here are a few pictures of some of My Favorite Beverages. Also recently saying, "YASS!" To the new Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt bars! With 5 to 6 grams of protein per serving, it is a definite, "YASS!"

As far as the majority of daily vitamins and minerals. It will always be a SlimFast way of life for this gal! As long as they continue making the product, this consumer will continue consuming it! Hahahaha... that just came across sounding pretty darn funny!

For a few individuals over a decade ago that told me drinking SlimFast as long as I have would literally destroy my kidneys and other GI organs... I beg to differ. Per professionals, SlimFast will not destroy your GI organs nor kidneys. It is a very healthy alternative to those who suffer from GI distress, Gastroparesis or any other medical condition that does not allow one to consume a normal daily (solid food) diet. 

Huge props to the makers of SlimFast on their new Advanced Energy Shake! This is the very first time that I have actually found a supplemental shake that really gives me some serious ENERGY! My version of the new SlimFast Advanced Energy Shake is watered down a bit with decaf coffee and a few other liquid vitamins, but HEY that's me... different!

They say, that you are what you eat. 

Then again, maybe some of us are what we... drink.


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Let Em Stay In The Basement.

February 11th, 2018

Watch Now:


For those who have been following our overnight historic adventure on the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website blog.


Then you will know about the little part of the basement that we ventured one time, one video and one photo before calling it quits with that area of the house.

letitstayinthebasement.jpgThis is the infamous photo that was taken in the basement. Of course, we had no idea what we captured until going on break so I could recharge my cell phone for the umpteenth time. A cell phone battery constantly being drained in the house by something or someone. The story told to us by the current owner regarding their children, now adults, matches perfectly with what we had encountered in the same area located in the basement.

I do believe in time... once the rest of the Halloween decorations are taken down from the home that once was being used as a haunted house. Will then any negative energy in the basement find its place elsewhere in the world. Could someone had been buried in the crawl space which is dirt and rock visibly seen in the basement? Could this be connected to Indian burial ground that the home currently resides on built in 1898? I have no idea, neither do the 4th generation owners of the family farm. But the story remains the same... sometimes there is negative energy and you have to leave that negative energy alone.

That is about all I have or want to say regarding the basement. The only negative part of this old historic farmhouse in Kentucky.

The following video was taken in the basement. We had no idea of the deep breathing at the end of the video until we got home later the next day... after reviewing all of our equipment. 

Sage... its a must.


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Woman Heard Grunting At Eric Announcing His Piano Performance… Hehehehe!

February 11th, 2018

Watch Now:


I probably never laughed so hard... yet was still so mesmerised at all of the unexplainable things that happened during our overnight stay at this historic farmhouse in Kentucky. 

originalpartandcontentsfarmhouse_672x1024_.jpgWe could had never imagined so much that we didn't even realize that we captured on various pieces of equipment. This always happens to us when staying overnight at historic landmarks... always when least expected. Mainly my personal cell phone which seemed to not just capture the unexplainable, but also the unexplainable had a fun time draining my cell phone battery. On more than a few occasions. We are still sifting through photos and videos coming across those who did their best to make their presence known to us.

In a few photos and videos. The stuffed animal elephant we brought down from the attic. Seeing it sit in a storage box just didn't seem like the appropriate place when all of the energy was focused in the happiest part of the house... the Parlor Room. The room with the mysterious yet magical piano that still held on to its original owner. The small bag sitting as well on top of the piano holds a bonnet that the current owners found after tearing down some of the walls.

Could this female energy be connected to the old bonnet? We believe so! 

What an amazing, exciting, magical place that holds so much of the way life used to be back in the day. The days when farming life brought with it, family unity. An old farmhouse... a fourth generation of family still doing their best to preserve history.

The good ole days!


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At This Historic Location…

February 11th, 2018

Watch Now:


At this historic location...  Eric sure ain't no Elton John! Hahahaha!

I have never seen so much energy and so much activity isolated in one area of a historic home. Once the piano began to play... so did the happy energy that surrounded us throughout the entire evening into the early morning hours.


For those who also read the blog on the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website. 


These are some videos and additional photos over the next three podcast-blogcast posts of what we captured during our overnight stay. Bountiful energy that Lit Up every piece of ITC equipment that we brought to this historic barnhouse. 

If you zoom in... you will notice some sort of energy next to Eric on the piano stool. This was after he invited anyone present to take a seat and play the piano with him. We are still in awe of such amazing footage! This just goes to show that those whom have passed, most definitely frequent the places that have brought them the most happiness.

Many years ago... when the piano brought families together. I believe this is the happy place for the female presence who made herself known.

Life... does indeed go on in the afterlife.


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And… We Have Arrived!

February 8th, 2018

Watch Now:


We have officially arrived at this historic 1898 barnhouse! Talking about a welcoming site of all sorts of pure darkness that surrounds this huge property! An old barnhouse sitting on top of the hill waiting for our arrival.

We are just waiting on one of the family members to give us a quick walk through of the property.

Mentally, I am open to anything. Because in all actuality... anything is possible when overnighting at historic locations. 

More soon to follow!

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Teaching Your Fur Kids To Brush Their Teeth

February 7th, 2018

Watch Now:


We are still laughing at this video!! 

Every morning and evening you will find Mr. Snoreo and Babyblue puppy waiting patiently to watch mommy and daddy brush their teeth. So... we figured why not get their own toothbrush, toothpaste and see what happens?.

They not only get super excited at the sound of the electric toothbrush! But watch just how patiently they will sit and wait for their turn to brush their teeth. Hehehehehe!!

Yep... it sure did make for an absolutely HILARIOUS video to share with everyone! Hahahahaha!!!

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A Most Memorable Connection…

February 6th, 2018

Watch Now:


Oh... this photo... Eric leaning over the most infamous haunted bed. Little did we know what we would encounter later that evening as soon as we sat on the edge of the bed. Little did we know that the owner of the hotel had no idea where the bed came from after acquiring it upon purchase of the historic bed-and-breakfast.


It did not take long for my gift to be able to sense something was not quite right about this bed. And whomever was the original owner of this bed... most definitely did not want anyone laying on it... whether alone sitting on the edge of their bed. 

It wasn't until the second day that we came back with some ITC equipment when we realized we weren't alone in the room. We most definitely met our match when it came to this very demanding spirit who did not want anyone near their bed. I believe that after we pass our spirit somehow still remains. In this particular case... this spirit has claimed complete control over their favorite antique bed. 

With such amazing footage on a basic cell phone video camera. It literally took me a few weeks before contacting the owner of the bed-and-breakfast. The owner began to explain how she used to be one of the biggest skeptics surround when it came to spirits and the afterlife. Anything haunted as she said as most would call it . However, once she claimed ownership of the historic bed-and-breakfast. The skeptic part of her quickly faded to a believer of the afterlife. It wasn't just that particular room where she had met with those from the past still visiting a place that they once use to reside. But as well she expressed very clearly how the rest of the property always seems to be alive with thick energy and a sense as if she is never alone.
Once a skeptic... now a believer.
A few months later, I was contacted by the owner of this historic bed-and-breakfast. We were asked to come back to visit a fourth floor of the building that is kept away from the public. But life happens and so do health issues. We most definitely will be back later this spring as I can't wait to possibly connect with other souls who still visit from the past. A historically charming bed-and-breakfast along the river. This video footage was taken on my cell phone as you can clearly watch a very transparent of sorts energy that wanted to make itself known. It is only the second time over the years in which I had someone, something, a spirit or whatever you may like to call the afterlife... reach out and touch me on more than a few occasions to let me know that they were present with us. Yes, I was very taken back as you can clearly hear in the video. But it was not anything negative, just a very gentle spirit. It was extremely hard for myself and Eric to leave the bed-and-breakfast after spending a few days. I felt as if this spirit was just lonely and glad to have us as visitors. Someone to be able to connect with them. 

I am SUPER EXCITED to annouce that later this week we will be back to local travels with a private residence in Kentucky. A very historic farmhouse that was built in 1898. We will be the very first to visit as it opens its doors after being closed for several months due to as what the family believes... several spirits that have now claimed the property. A true skeptic who told me on the phone this afternoon that they would rather not have anyone know what's truly going on in there 3rd generation historic farmhouse.

I can only imagine what will be waiting for us on the other side of those old farmhouse doors later this week.

More soon to follow!

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Babyblue’s Take On This Years Puppy Bowl XIV

February 6th, 2018




Yea... yea... yea...  everyone seems to have their own opinion about yesterday's winner of the Puppy Bowl XIV.

That also includes Babyblue who had her own feedback regarding this year's winner, Team Fluff. Once again, bringing home the Lombarky Trophy. 

As far as Snoreo regarding as he stated, such a juvenile football game when he would have rather watched, The Big Boys Super Bowl... he's sleeping on his opinion. Hahahahahaha!! 

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