Okay… O-K-A-Y… One More Video Before Bedtime ;)

April 22nd, 2018

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A little extra fun before bedtime with a little scare to share!

 What's even far scarier is when the scare'er behind the camera isn't prepared for the person who is getting scared to come up on them so quickly... what happens next is a double scare to share!! 


Enjoy the video and have a 


Sunday folks!


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One L-o-v-e… One T-e-a… Hehehehehe!

April 22nd, 2018

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Why is it that every single time you'll find something that works or you find something you enjoy or you find something that makes life just that much easier then... POOF... someone has to do something absolutely stupid. 

20180421_233811_resized.jpgThis has to be my very first Rant and Rave... video style. I really don't get much into the political mumbo-jumbo especially when you reside in a political landmine of sorts kind of state such as Indiana. Myself and Eric are already growing tired of seeing a sea of sheriff campaigning signs scattered among everyone's yards. This is definitely the kind of state that you could really have a little bit of ole fun with everyone!

I remember when we first got our set of keys after closing on this fine establishment as the political race was coming to a close. There was nothing but Trump sign after Trump sign in every single yard. Okay maybe not every single yard.. but close enough! What I really wanted to do was buy the biggest Hillary Clinton supporter sign I could find and plant it right smack in the middle of our yard! Hehehehehehe! What an amazing way to announce your arrival here in the country! Hahahahaha!

Thank goodness we didn't do such a thing after quickly realizing that folks here in the country have a far different sense of humor than those back across state lines in the city. Just too bad I didn't think about doing that this past April Fools Day... hehehehehehe!

Well enough for all of my mumbo-jumbo because there's a different kind of Rant and Rave going on when you finally find something that works and someone has to do something so stupid... well... you'll have to watch this video to understand what I mean. 

A Rant and Rave with my own funny twist because Life's Too Short and Far Too Serious not to smile and share plenty of laughter~



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I Whip My Hair…

April 21st, 2018

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It's a must to turn the volume up! 

For those who are in my shoes or have been in my shoes or getting ready to be in my shoes will totally appreciate and fully understand this video and a little song from Willow Smith. This song goes perfectly with today's theme:

Hair Today... Gone Tomorrow... Hair Today... Gone Tomorrow... well... you get the point don't you?.

Next week is going to be a crazy week as we not only have scheduled contractors coming out due to the prior owners having Daryl and Daryl create make shift pipes connected to the furnace system hidden away up in the chimney (that was until the contractor found it with a camera). But as well... medically life goes on as I am scheduled back at the hospital so they can continue to keep me as stable as possible due to recent heart and respiratory complications.

As predicted... it might have taken my body a while... but I am finally starting to display the side effects from a lot of harsh new treatments. Hair loss... which this time around even includes my eyebrows and eyelashes. Thank goodness for the ability to still continue finding ways to bring many smiles and oh-so-much laughter to our daily lives. Thank you Covergirl and Maybelline... hehehehehehe!

This little song and video with today's podcast~blogcast pretty much says it all.

The only hair I'm whipping... is what's going down the drain... hahahahaha!

Okay... that was actually a bit funny!



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Our Review Of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation… Car Wash Style!

April 19th, 2018

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 I must admit that although the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign is backed by support from Snooki and Deena from MTV's... Jersey Shore. We really weren't sure what to expect from the latest installment to the original hit television show properly titled...

"Jersey Shore Family Vacation"

What was I thinking because this second installment 5 years later of almost the same original cast is absolutely hilarious!!! Sure... 5 years later even "The Situation" has changed... so far anyways. Although... I anticipate the super sweet disposition to expire soon as the pressure of past history among cast members literally boils over. Another run in with a far greater wall? Hehehehehe! Reality TV at its finest... or... just a mere sitcom of sorts.

deenanicolejerseyshoregpcelebrityspokespersonjan2012copyright_jpg_w300h361.jpgDeena is every bit the sweetest in person as she portrays on the show. Snooki is still the same little fireball... blast in a glass... while taking a break from the reality of being a mother as she embraces her former extreme party side... 5 years later. 

What is not to love about seeing all the original cast members (-1) back in a far bigger house while living life a bit on the party edge. Far away from the demands of their more professional side and needing to constantly present themselves in a more perfect persona. There is something to be said about the realness that comes out from just a casual group outing and a few drinks later... hahahahahaha!

No need to take this second installment of Jersey Shore so seriously folks because at the end of the day... they are just normal people like you and I... If You Wanna Have Fun And Do Something C-R-A-Z-Y! 

Enjoy our little car wash video review of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation...




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Our Great Dining Adventures… Finale… Part 2

April 18th, 2018

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If life is what you make of it... then I have no qualms on making sure the end of my journey is one filled with absolutely hilarious and fun-filled adventures!


This time... it just happened to be to the Middle East as we conclude today's finale-part 2 of our Great Dining Adventures~

The majority of the food for our Middle Eastern evening dinner for two with our loyal companion Bobo by our side was made and prepared by myself. That also includes creating our attire and the best Middle Eastern home-made decor possible... a woman of many trades!

With being on so many respiratory medications, blood thinners and steroids means craving far too much food than one is used to when living on a 95% liquid diet. But life is short and sometimes is the fork as I made sure to give in to not only my cravings.. but my taste buds that have been deprived for years. A little bit here and a little bit there means working my way around the daily diet of liquids and making sure that I stay on top of GI medication. There are so many negative things I could choose to dwell on with this part of my journey. However through the hard times and not so wonderful times... I have learned to embrace the art and love of laughter. Sharing a smile as we laugh together and forget about all the far more serious parts of our real journey. 

Some people believe that money buys happiness.

Some people believe that vanity equals happiness.

Some folks even believe that the more popular you are the more merry you become.

I believe the true meaning of Happiness begins with the person in the mirror and the ability to laugh at yourself. There's something to be said for the epitome of someone being so strong as they continue to find a reason each and every day to laugh and smile... regardless of their struggles. That my friends is something money can never buy. Laughter will always be the best medicine in life. The purest form of happiness.

Enjoy the second part of our Great Dining Adventures!


Stay tuned for our third episode as we venture across the Great Wall of China to a far different dining experience... via old school for two..



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Venturing Out To The Middle East For Our Next Great Dining Adventure… Part 1

April 17th, 2018

Watch Now:


Ahhhh... yes... we have arrived just in time after a very long trek across the desert land...

An evening dinner for two with our loyal companion Bobo who seems to be on a far different kind of diet then any type from the Middle East... hehehehehe!

This evenings dinner... compliments of the fine Chef:

Four different types of quinoa salad to satisfy any taste bud! Red pepper, Tomato spinach, Dill cucumber and Dill with balsamic vinaigrette. Also included is a very spicy... yet still very saucy... 4 spice curry with chickpeas. Of course to quench your thirst from the hot and quite dry climate... fresh lemon water.

All under $20 with rolls.

Please join us as we travel across the great desert lands to our next Great Dining Adventure... the Middle East... Part 1


As always remember our motto...

"If you can't say something nice... at least make sure it's f-u-n-n-y!



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A Little Pop-Up Commercial Before Our Middle Eastern 2-Day Event..

April 17th, 2018

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Stay tuned for our 2-day Middle Eastern event starting this evening brought to you by this little scary packaging commercial...

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It’s Finally Here… The Next Great Dining Adventure!

April 16th, 2018


The time has finally arrived as we step our way into one great Middle Eastern dining Adventure!

Of course... we can't forget our loyal camel companion Bobo who joined alongside with us on this beautiful Candlelight Middle Eastern dinner for 2.

Okay... with Bobo... maybe 3. 


Stay tuned for more photos and video soon to follow...

 masa' alkhayr~




Tomorrow… The Middle East!

April 16th, 2018

Watch Now:


Talking about all sorts of hidden gems those Little Darlings left behind for us... prior owners of this fine establishment.


Talk about finding out other great little pieces of info that has helped us continue to piece together one problem after another... oh... a sink hole in the backyard?. Nothing like neighbors asking if we had any further problems with the sinkhole in the backyard.

That's just a taste of more little hidden gems we are finding from the prior owners as neighbors are wondering what's going on after having two more contractors coming out to the property over the past few days. Sure wasn't due to a sinkhole... but we are looking in to that backyard issue to see where it may be located so when Eric cuts the grass he doesn't fall into the sinkhole with the lawn mower. Hehehehehehe! Okay... maybe not so funny after receiving that tad bit of information.

For now we are dealing with more  horrible do-it-yourself repairs that the prior owners left for us like having two pipes for the plumbing and furnace system that have been cut in half and don't match because both pipes are two different sizes. PFFFFF! I am super sensitive to all sorts of smells now thanks to a really strong regimen of respiratory medications, inhalers and nebulizer drugs. I thought I was smelling something very strange by the furnace and once again I was correct as a camera was placed through the piping to realize these people literally did they're own makeshift pipes themselves that didn't even match but probably had just laying around. Using different size pipes that didn't even match which meant not connecting properly nor securely and especially not safely. What a way to rig major pipes to the furnace system through the chimney... outtake pipes. We also do not have a fresh air intake pipe... thanks prior owners! So tomorrow morning we will be making our decision on which company we will be using on really expensive labor and mandatory repairs that are not covered under any warranty due to failure on the prior owners part who decided to have Daryl and Daryl do the work for them. I assume while they were all drinking cases upon cases of wine.

Thankfully Eric got his tool belt on and replaced the kitchen faucet and spray nozzle that literally not just sprayed the dishes... but as well began giving us a facial spray bath at the same time. Hahahahaha! It at least saved us another Hefty Plumbing bill!

We really want to sell this little Hidden Gem after literally flipping every single thing in this house from top to bottom. This of course after another 2 to 3 more months of odds and ends that hopefully don't end up costing major work like we're getting ready to get hit with next week.

Talking about learning by experience and gaining a lifetime of wisdom as far as never being able to pull a fast one again on us buying our next house! Amen.

No worries though because you always have to have some down time and a reason to share a few smiles and far happier moments. Like... finally visiting the Middle East and sharing what we expect to be one quite memorable video tomorrow!


Enjoy this cute little video of Babyblue connecting with her own native land... the sounds of flutes... hehehehehehe!


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The Unconditional LOVING Bond Between A Husky & Her Guinea Pigs~

April 15th, 2018

Watch Now:


These three... they really are a match made in heaven! Hehehehehehe!

Who would have thought a husky and two guinea pigs would have such unconditional love by constantly sharing sisterly kisses throughout the day. This all started 3 months ago when we thought maybe Babyblue was trying to go after Daisy Mae and Snuggly Doo. However... now we realize they literally enjoy keeping each other company with visits throughout the day and a few little kisses to express how much they truly do love each other.

It really gets no cuter than these three and this adorable video... hehehehehe!

When moving Daisy Mae and Snuggly Doo's cage in order to clean it. Babyblue goes absolutely beserk! She's definitely one very protective big sister while keeping guard to make sure that they are both okay. They really are an odd match... an unbreakable, unconditional loving bond between a husky and her little guinea pigs. 

A true match made in heaven~


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