Watching The River Rise^^^

February 23rd, 2018

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Tis never confortable living around a large body of water that continues to be on the rise^^^

Our little Lazy River Town not only continues to flood in various areas that surround us. But as well the aftermath of so much trash is truly sad and extremely disheartening. The above photo used to be of one of many parks that provide areas for family gatherings and a place to enjoy walking along the trails. 

Unfortunately due to continued flooding from the almighty river... there is no where really safe to be walking right now.

I have a feeling this spring is going to be a first of many decades in our little Lazy River Town which will require the helping hands of many city workers and volunteers. Many days and far too many hours cleaning up along the banks and outskirts of the river. So many beautiful walking trails that are now part of the Raging River.

We are fortunate to have bought our home up along the hillside... a safe enough distance from the river. 

Walking for exercise? Pick your largest retailer in the area and there is your exercise... Walmart anyone? TADA!! 

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Sometimes You Win…

February 22nd, 2018

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In light of this years housing market which seems to be starting off a bit like last year...

"Our Top 10 Realtor Pet Peeves"



#10. Not writing down accurate details on listing. If it states exterior material is vinyl siding... that doesn't equal pressed wood. Unless it was built back during the Abe Lincoln era.

#9. When you clearly know the land behind any given property has already been sold... to a land developer whom will be building a cookie cutter subdivision. This does not equal the peace and quiet any potential buyer is looking for that states in the beginning that they are looking for a quiet area. I may sleep with a sound machine-white noise, but that is definitely not the same as a bulldozer, jackhammers and other construction sounds.

#8. If a sex offender lives next door... it may not equal such a safe neighborhood as one may suggest it to be in the first place. Sure, people have the right to change. We all make mistakes. But shouldn't you be honest with whom you know lives next door, if you know that tad bit of important information ahead of time?.

#7. Hiding major home issues behind Grandma's antique oil paintings is a huge no-no! A golden rule to remember when hiding major flaws is that everything, in time, comes to surface.

#6. If the home smells like bad Yell socks that have been sitting for months. Why not take a few dollars and purchase some air fresheners before showing the home to a potential buyer. The first impression is a very important impression.

#5. Please be honest if you know what the current taxes are on a property instead of just trying to cover it up or guessing on your own. Nothing worse than to place an offer and then let the buyers know a week later that the taxes are on the high end... highest end with zero exemptions. $648.00 vs. $2,800... a HUGE difference!

#4. If you know the home has basement water issues. Just be honest! Do not attempt to hide the problem 24-hours before showing the property using fans and dehumidifiers. Some folks have a keen sense of smell when it comes to mold and mildew. Those whom have gone through radiation therapy and some forms of chemotherapy have an even stronger sense of smell... 10x stronger than the average person.

#3. Be honest with not just the potential buyer, but with yourself when making sure to include pictures of all the rooms within any given property when sending over the disclosure. Hiding a basement that looks like something out of 'Friday The 13th' is not only silly. But as for myself... I always ask to see the basement... first. If Jason is standing down there with a bucket and a boat...Surprised then clearly you have a water problem.

#2. No one wants to play the game of Trump. Unless you are the President, Donald Trump. Playing one offer against others in order to get the maximum commission makes you a sneaky realtor... not a good realtor.


#1. Do not list a property for sale or as a private owner with a property for sale, just for the sole reason of finding out this years current appraised value. We have personally had this happen to us and trust me by saying, it speaks volumes about those who do such a thing. Especially when finding out through research that the same home owner has done it not just once, but several times over the years. Tis a great way to show others that you not only do not have a conscious. But what a downright sneaky, dishonest individual that you look like to others. Don't waste other folks valuable time. Invest $500.000 and buy your own appraisal. To any potential buyers during this years open market... we have some words of advice, "Never, ever share your appraisal with anyone, but the bank representative on the other end of the phone."

And there you go... our Top 10 Realtor Pet Peeves... from our own personal experience. It should be no surprise to anyone why we plan on making sure to sell our home privately and with a local real estate attorney. Less than $600, compared to over $10,000+ using a realty company.

You do the math! Wink It really is a no-brainer!


"Sometimes you win... other times you learn." 


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And… The River Flows…

February 21st, 2018

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Can I put that In A blog? 

Okay... I have a major pet peeve. Okay... so maybe I have two pet peeves as I sit here, over 45 minutes later for an emergency scan. Instead of getting better over the past 48-hours. I got worse. The pain, nausea and feeling all over the place has kept us home over the past few days. Finally, this morning I was able to make it up to the hospital for the rescan before my scheduled surgery next week. 

Yea... this too shall pass. It just won't happen to be today.

So what are my two little pet peeves as myself and Eric sit patiently. Waiting to be called back in order to see what the largest tumor is doing today.

*If you work within a scheduling department in any major hospital. Plesse keep your daily gossip for after work hours. When patients are being urgently worked into existing radiology testing schedules. They heavily rely on scheduling to wait on each and every patient, waiting to be registered in a timely manner. Waiting 25 minutes because Felicia is too busy discussing her neighbors business with other coworkers is clearly not the place for such chatter during work hours.

* Folks, this is a major flu season. When you are at the hospital please do not bring your sick, coughing, hacking young infant with you. I am sure there are willing family members that would watch your child while you are attending an appointment with your significant other. Out of decent, human respect for other patients. Please do not bring your sick infants to a hospital setting, when clearly they need to stay at home.

On a far different note...


As the raging river continues to rise within our little, lazy, river town. So does the increased awareness of those whom live within the path of the mighty river. For those who can help, please help. The world is a far better place with the kindness that is offered from others.

For now... time to head to my rescan...

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February 20th, 2018

Watch Now:


I promise you will be playing this video over and over and over again! HAHAHAHA! Is Babyblue too funny or what?!


Husky puppy vs. Swiffer

On a far brighter note or shall we even say... a far CLEANER note ... Eric is now working on the basement steps as we are close to finishing up this latest home repair project. We still are working on a second back up plan. Right now there is no way I could handle the drive across the great USA, our final move to the beautiful red rock mountains out west. It's important that we still have a second back up plan! One particular property that Eric was ready to place an offer on the other day with over 30 acres of land, just happens to be a bit further out in the country. But once again... these crazy realtors and their sneaky ways of not being upfront and honest on their property listings and disclosures. Ummmm... waiting until the bank sends over the approval and then NOW telling Eric that another area of the property still has work that needs to be done?? Like... major type of work? Yea... these realtors in this day and age and their never-ending realtor games. More of our top 10 Realtor Funnies to come tomorrow. Trust me... they are good ole funnies that I am sure anyone can totally relate to when it comes to buying or selling a home. At least... by our own personal experiences! Hehehehehehe! 

Tomorow may even call for our top 10 Realtor Funnies via audio... hmmmmm?...

Oh! I totally forgot to add this on yesterdays Podcast~Blogcast episode of what popped up while sifting through additional photos during our overnight stay at a very historic old barnhouse in Kentucky.

 energyAroundTheStuffedAnimal.jpgWe came across this quite interesting photo that was taken in the parlor room. Eric was playing the piano... or at least trying... while I was sitting back taking random pictures of the property. Two pieces of our ITC equipment are visibly seen below this sort of spectacular white energy that seems to be reaching for an old stuffed animal that we placed along with our equipment, on top of the piano. We didn't come across this photo until earlier yesterday evening. After going through other photos and videos of the exact same room and area on top of the old piano. We have no solid explanation of what appears to be someone reaching for the old stuffed animal that we found up in the attic and placed on top of the piano earlier in the evening during our overnight visit. A few that we shared the photo with did also make mention that they firmly believe this to be some sort of energy... possibly from whomever was present within the parlor room while Eric was playing the piano.

What an amazing capture of what really does appear to be someone reaching for the stuffed animal! The current owners have other information that suggests of a young girl that still resides within the old historic barnhouse. Could it be the little girl? I guess the only way one will ever find out... is in the afterlife. I am so glad to had captured such an amazing photo!


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Who Will Win The Sunday Night Sibling Fight?

February 19th, 2018

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Talking about a fun way to make the time go by on my not-so-great days! I believe to have literally tapped into another part of my creative genes... videography! 

I haven't had this much fun in a very long time while sharing a bit of video fun with everyone! Now don't forget to turn up your sound with this Sunday Night Sibling Fight video! Hehehehehe!

We have another early morning wake up call so my surgeon can get a bit better imaging before surgery. The scheduling department called yesterday so they could give me my new surgery date, but I was fast asleep! Of course, I am definately awake now after getting over 12 hours of some seriously rest. My body asked... and I delivered, along with Eric who said he got a bit too much sleep. Hahahaha! 

With it being his rotating off days from work over the next few days. We plan on crossing off a few smaller projects around the house on our spring to-do list. While this gal takes it easy... Eric will be busy! We both can't wait to have the remaining touch ups finished by mid spring so this house can finally be listed on the open market. So far... it really is slim pickings for buyers. It's a sellers market around here, but hopefully just the opposite out west. Us buyers need our options too!

Well... time to get back to my heating pad and taking it easy. Enjoy the video! I have a clean SWEEP Swiffer one soon to follow and boy... is it FUNNY!!

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That Darn WobbleWagGiggle Toy!

February 18th, 2018

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This toy has got to be the loudest, craziest toy I have ever seen made for a fur baby! Okay... I will admit... the loud giggling is worth the sheer excitement on Babyblue's face!

Hehehehehehe! babybluegiggleFUNtime_800x482_.jpg

Not only are we going to miss our VIP meeting with Luke Bryan this evening... thanks, but no thanks to Mr.Tumor. But as well Eric got to dodge an ice cold plunge at a local park while helping to raise funds for the Special Olympics. The Polar Bear Plunge... literally with the morning snow that quickly fell to the ground. I think he is still breathing a sigh of relief as we speak! Hahahahaha!

If you are new to our Crazy Little Life, Podcast~Blogcast, WELCOME! 

Sit back, relax and enjoy the fun!

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Life… Really Is A Journey!

February 17th, 2018

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Life... it truly is a journey.

Some days... it is your journey.

Other times... it is someone else's journey. 

One thing that remains true through out this journey? All the good times, so many amazing times through out the journey. So many once-in-a-lifetime adventurers of such a crazy little life. 

I have zero regrets. I wouldn't change a thing. 

This year is our year. A new year to embrace all the good that life has to offer. A year to accept change and literally embrace it with open arms. Medically... I also welcome and embrace the ever growing change that comes with still looking for that cure. It just would never be me... to give up or give in. 

Life isn't about the road that you have traveled. It's about the journey that got you to that road... all the windy hills and bumps along the way~


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I Promise To Bring A Smile To Your Face :)

February 15th, 2018

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Another 6:30am wake up call. Another day spent with hours of testing. Needless to say, my sleep is once again thrown off. Physically, I am B-E-A-T.

So... maybe today wasn't such a good day.

So... maybe today wasn't as well, one of your best of days.

Forget all that for at least until this cute video is over! I pinky promise to bring a smile to your face and your face and even YOUR face!


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Babyblue’s Valentine’s Day Kiss… Ummmm… For Snoreo?.

February 15th, 2018

Watch Now:


A kiss is but a kiss for such a rambunctious little husky puppy like Babyblue! Hehehehehe!

We had a super sweet Valentine's Day  spending it together... our little family. USfamilyValentinesDay22018.jpg

Exchanging cards, a few chocolatey treats and even two toy hearts for Snoreo and Babyblue. You know what the best part of Valentine's Day is for those with a super sweet tooth? Why of course... the day after Valentine's Day when all the candy is marked down on clearance! Hehehehehe! 

Here are a few other Valentine's Day fun facts! Enjoy the video and keep your 50 Shades of Grey behind closed doors on this Valentine's Day! Hahahahaha!!!

*Worldwide over 50 million roses are given for Valentine's Day each year.

*Richard Cadbury invented the first Valentine's Day candy box in the late 1800s.

*220,000 is the average number of wedding proposals on Valentine's Day each year.

*Over 1 billion dollars worth of chocolate is purchased for Valentine's Day in the United States. 

**If you haven't already invented everything you've watched on the Fifty Shades of Grey series before the movie was made... then clearly your sex life needs a little dusting. 

Hahahahaha... okay... you got me! So maybe that last little Valentine's Day fun fact wasn't a hundred percent truthful.. it just depends on who you talk to. 



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Night Terrors, Tremors Suffered By An Abused… Now Rescued Fur Angel

February 13th, 2018

Watch Now:


As stated in the prior Podcast-Blogcast. This is a video of what we had experienced with Big LOVE after rescuing him and bringing him home to be with our little family. 

We were asked to take a video while Big LOVE was sleeping so our veterinarian would have more insight on what kind of abuse Big LOVE had suffered by the hands of his prior owners. Big LOVE was severely kicked, beaten and hung buy a rope tied tightly around his tail. He was then left out in the woods to die. We came across Big LOVE while walking the trails one day. That day is now history, months later, as we continue loving and embracing him as part of our little family.

Big LOVE set himself free by chewing through the rope as we removed the remainder of the rope once we were able to trap him in a humane cage. Big LOVE was then taken to be checked out by a local veterinarian that has a huge heart and amazing compassion for all abused and neglected animals. 

We all have a place in our heart and a place in our home to welcome a rescued fur angel. 

We now firmly believe that we did not rescue Big LOVE... but instead Big LOVE has rescued US with such unconditional love.

This Valentine's Day, I encourage you to open your home and open your heart.

Save a life. Adopt a fur angel.

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