Let’s Mix It UP A Bit… SHALL WE! ;)

June 19th, 2018

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Okay my turn! Time to mix things up a bit!

Kindness goes a long way... especially when repaying a super nice gesture to Megan & Tyler!

We can't wait to share a little video we did for you both this week and of course... I can't wait to share the super cute card!

Thank you for such kind words as we both very much appreciate your support!

Now of course... it can't always be character skits because variety is truly the spice of life and so are sugar cookies.... mmmmm...




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Chunky Soup N’ Pill Poppin Robber N’ Outdated Plastic Barbie.. OH MY!

June 19th, 2018




They sure do go together don't they folks!

Kinda like Dumb and Dumber but Crazy n' Crazier.

Glad to see my podcast inspires some lazy folks in this world to play "Simon Says" as they enjoy still copying myself and my wife's every move because like the cereal, 'Life' they ain't got a life and instead want to be just like myself and my wife by copying our every move. Isn't that a song by Nick Jonas called, Jealous? One named Chunky Soup a character that refuses to work but ain't got one thing wrong with em, living on welfare because they can't hold a job. Chunky Soup characters list of more than 50 jobs and still growin.. Sad is when old Chunky Soup characters ain't happy with their life and then you have characters like Outdated Plastic Barbie and character Pill Poppin Robber. We all hear from the old grapevine how bored characters like this are with their life, ain't even happy with their own Outdated Plastic Barbie World and instead have all the time in the world to stalk peoples podcasts and other websites. That's what makes old Chunky Soup n' Outdated Plastic Barbie n' Pill Poppin Robber pretty much one in the same.

Characters like these folks belong together like Dumb and Dumber, Crazy n' Crazier.

But you know that's what old gossiping deep fried Outdated Plastic Barbie, Pill Poppin Robber and old Chunky Soup characters do with all their free time that they have on their hands. It's called boredom and infatuation with others.

Glad to see the old Chunky Soup character is still infatuated so much to share with the world how much they loves and adores they're amazing ex so much so that they can't move on with their life. Don't you love when characters like Chunky Soup misses and wants their ex back so much so that they stalk their every move. It's like a really great old school song by Michael Jackson, "Somebody's Watching Me." But you got to take it is as nothing but pure flattery. It is flattery at its finest! I know as myself and my wife got our own nappy beard stalker character called Pill Poppin Robber. Ain't nothing worse when someone breaks into more than one family but multiple families homes calling to make sure they're at bingo for doing the big break and enter time and time again! Checkin' to see if they can borrow a tool from the garage and then go into those families homes and rob em' blind and any drugs they can find to feed their addiction problems. That's what's wrong with addicts in this world today is that there's so much help available yet they only get a 3-Day treatment so father-in-laws don't kick their a@@ literally. Too bad mother-in-laws didn't allow their husbands to do what they were intendin to do from what I was told through the old Grapevine by literally kicking Pill Poppin Robber characters a@@. Father-in-law's that wanted to literally kick Pill Poppin Robbers a@@ after breaking in their families and God Bless... the elderly mothers home. It's a good thing that Pill Poppin Robber excharacter's wife ran to court faster than Speedy Gonzales to get a divorce! From what I heard old Pill Poppin Robbers wife found herself a good man that stood by her side and remarried just as fast after being blessed with a divorce by the judge in court...


I heard from Betty that the old Pill Poppin Robber character just got a 3-day treatment and then came back out and started it all over again. Any character breaking into any elderly woman's home,  befriending them for over a year, doing the same routine by stopping over for some excuse to say "hi" only for the same intentions time and time again to go through their medicine cabinet and bedroom closets and dresser drawers... attempting to find any money and narcotics they can get their hands on. Well in my opinion and everyone's opinion... any father-in-law's have a right to literally kick the living s***  out of Pill Poppin Robber characters. I agree with Leroy... let the devil take care of characters like Pill Poppin Robber... that character claims they're atheist anyways... that's at least what I hear.

Ain't it a crying shame?

That's what old Pill Poppin Robbers like this character do but they also wear a mask which is similar to basically a robbers mask. Not a Halloween mask used to create bonfires in the summer by making neighbors think you've really lost your mind... when you really don't have a mind just a character brain of narcotic mush. Although I heard from old Leroy, Pill Poppin Robber still is a robber and still doin anything to get a fix. Why by the sounds of it... seems to me all these characters Belong Together like a stale loaf of bread.

Chunky Soup n' Outdated Plastic Barbie n' Pill Poppin Robber.

That's like a really good bathroom break at work waiting to happen folks!

More I sit here and think about it... why they sure do because Dumb and Dumber and Crazy n' Crazier always have side characters that go along with em!

When inventory is coming up short in your warehouse from what I heard from a husband that a character like an old Pill Poppin' Robber that was sleepin with his wife (at least that's what they told me when sharin' a good ol belly laugh on the phone) then you kind of know who's hands that missin inventory is a fallin in now don't ya Warehouse business owner?

I see and feel everyone raising their eyebrows... some of you even scratching their head sayin'


Just a suggestion like Billybob mentioned... invest in a top notch security system. This way old Pill Poppin Robber characters don't know it's been installed. But you know this is just what I was told through the old Grapevine... however from what I hear... missing Warehouse inventory and new security system was true. 

At least this is what the Grapevine gossiping folks are telling me... peeking through those grapevines. That's a crying shame that characters like Pill Poppin Robber can't even move on with their life either. They're so unhappy with their woman of choice, flavor of the year. Till somebody better comes along or somebody's wife comes free and they go sleeping with somebody else's wife again. When ya least expect it with a bottle of Ambien in hand depending if it's there in Peggy's, Leroy's or BettyJo's medicine cabinet. Hell, who's Ambien it is anymore with this Pill Poppin Robber character? 

I call character folks like these three.. not two... but three peas in a character pod.

You got to give credit where character credit is due towards character losers that unite with character losers. Old Chunky Soup not getting help for the bulimia and prior to that the only time I heard that Chunky Soup was skinny through Maggie Lee at Tallgreen's was when Chunky Soup was anorexic. I guess drugs do that to ya. Then you have characters like Outdated Plastic Barbie that can't be authentic nor can the character be original either so the character has to copy everyone else at Starbuc$. Outdated Plastic Barbies character is on cosmetic surgery #6 from what Peggy Sue told me at GIA food mart the other day.

Well... from what I heard is that any loser character is somebody that does nothing but cause problems for other people by stalking em. Kind of like what me and my wife still go through after so many years... which is actually flattery at its finest!

Hell, I even heard through the grapevine that the real reason Chunky Soup is still bulimic and gained so much weight is because the character refuses to be properly treated because they ain't got a pot to piss in. Moving from Trailer Park to Trailer Park, apartment to apartment and then back to the Trailer Park again because they forgot about another kid from character father #6 that they forgot to claim.. that's right! Chunky Soup characters sleep with Bobby Ray all the time at the old Trailer Park. Isn't that what character condoms are for when Chunky Soups character ain't got a pot to piss in? Ellie Mae told me this through the grapevine that the womin' center is givin' out free condoms this weekend. Chunky Soup character may want to stop on by n' stock up, but you can't sell those on Craigyslist.

Then again... any Pill Poppin Robber character will always have that bloated face. Lookin like they got stung by some sort of CRAZY EGYPTIAN WASP. Pill Poppin Robber characters I heard also have old grown, overgrown nappy beards.

You gotta hand it to these characters. Three character losers in a pod... Chunky Soups own pod after playing, Simon Says.

"Dumb Dumber and Dumbest

Crazy Crazier and off-the-wall Craziest!"

I love hearing stories like this through the grapevine... just helps folks like me find more characters to add to my comedy character skits. I wonder if this is how the writers of Saturday Nite Live find their great material? Hmmmmm... must jot down... make character skits GREAT AGAIN!


How's that old Apple Book quote go?


Sounds like a "canned" problem if you ask me!


Well that sounds like a whole Mars plant shy of a Snickers gone CRAZY folks!

When old Betty Sue said characters like this don't need no more mouths to feed. I guess that means less than $20 a week in child support means characters like Chunky Soup are just too dam lazy to work. Chunky Soup even from what I heard... was fact... through some Chunky Soup court record, gave up their young infant in exchange for a Jeep. Betty Jo said Chunky Soup hadn't even seen their kid for almost 9 years and is now "tryin'" keyword... "tryin"...'  to fight a Power House attorney without even a pot to piss in. "No Dinero."

That's Spanish folks for no money.

Seems in my opinion, this Chunky Soup character ain't going to win anything now does it?. Characters like Chunky Soup need to team up with characters like Outdated Plastic Barbie because from what I heard through the c 'ya' never world... Outdated Plastic Barbie characters have to buy their friends anyways. But then again.... that's just I'm hearin' through the old grapevine. Wait! Pill Poppin Robber said that to Leroy! Adding another check for Chunky Soup characters sympathy pot shouldn't hurt Outdated Plastic Barbie's wallet now should it? A tax free donation to write off at the end of the year! CHING-CHING!! That's like an extra belated Happy SUPER CHUNKY Mother's Day! Characters like Chunky Soup are nothing but deadbeat mothers... just in other's opinions anyways that I heard among those at TrailerMart a talkin'.. Now ain't it true or ? PeggyJo's neighbor at Trailer Universe said it was. 

Characters like Chunky Soup who haven't got treatment for drug addictions, bulimia and prior anorexia ain't never going to win against a Big Powerhouse attorney and from what I heard Through the Grapevine from Gina... grandparents that got all the time and all the money in the world to fight characters like Chunky Soup every step of the way in the end...

Grandparents WIN!

TerrySue said maybe Chunky Soup characters should watch what Chunky Soup characters post online when doing, "Simon Says" moves, especially when Big Powerhouse attorneys are watching your every post.

Great point!


Chunky Soup N' Outdated Plastic Barbie N' Pill Poppin Robber.. another great skit and three great overdramatic stalking self-proclaimed characters were born!






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It's a podcast~blogcast entertainment channel folks all in good clean fun with oh-so-many made up character skits!

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Anything In Life Is Possible To Overcome! :)

June 18th, 2018



Ok... my turn!


What a day, what a DAY I tell ya!

Eric's rotating off days from the Sheriff's department literally has me all over the place with my sleep! Napping here and napping there lately seems to be the name of the game. But I plan on this time around not being stingy with our Bob Marley Mellow Mood Tea. 


It's really been one heck of a crazy day, kinda like our "Crazy Little Life!

We have officially signed off on the paperwork and long document/letter to allow my stepson the god given right to continue living the remainder of his years as a young child in peace and harmony. If that means with his grandparents or anyone else that still remains part of the courtcase then so be it. I believe the good lord will help in that decision. At this point... both sides of family are now more dysfunctional than ever before! I refuse to have my stepson in front and center of continued conflict and overwhelming hatred among immediate families. It's not healthy for any child. It's not healthy for Eric as once again we are back full-time with counseling. And folks... it is most definitely not healthy for me. It's like literally unraveling all the hard work that a strong team of specialists have been doing in order to help keep me as stable as possible. It was hard putting that envelope in the mail this morning and sending a copy via email for those involved in the case, attorneys.


Sometimes it is what it is. Not want you want or what should really be.


I personally want to thank my immediate family for continuing with such an unhealthy family dynamic for any young child to be around, that includes my biological birth parents whom I will never see or speak to again. I personally reached out to both of my birth parents on two separate occasions to meet with a third party counselor to begin the process of trying to salvage some sort of relationship among ourselves, however they declined the offer on both occasions. They take no ownership of the problems that they have as well taken part in over the years, but instead blame it on their children. They also claim to be the victims. However, all immediate family members, including birth parents are the problem. No one was ever the solution to almost a decade long highly combative, hostile family conflicts inside and outside of many courtrooms. I made my apologies, so did Eric, but seems there are only two adults within both immediate families that know how to apologize. The conflict has permanently affected a young child's right to have a set of parents. Whether that be birth parents or step parents. Grandparents are not parents... they are a child's Grandparents. There is a huge difference! We have as well personally reached out to both sides of family in hopes of finally working through differences by offering to sit down at a round table with all involved immediate family members. However... we were only met with more conflict and further retailation time and time again.

I will not waste my time on those who no longer deserve my time nor presence. One thing is for certain. I AM the milkman's child! US black sheep... we don't get those white sheep so we do our best to continue movin' on...

This afternoon we went up to the bank to make sure that my stepson's college tuition account is still safe and sound. Although with only around $17.00 a week in child support from the other biological parent on a weekly basis. It isn't much, but it was enough over a short amount of time to deposit small amounts into the account until my stepson is a legal adult and ready to possibly go to college. I hope one day to be able to give him that envelope and share my side of a very unfortunate story. 

As far as my immediate family doing such unthinkable acts, sharing private juvenile court documents online and offline, slandering my stepsons own biological father/my spouse on social media, public facebook posts is an act that has no forgiveness. We both absolutely refuse to ever be around any immediate family on both sides for the remainder of this lifetime. That also means any ceremony or funeral setting. I learned from the embarrassment of highly dysfunctional immediate family attempting their best to embarrass me at my own grandmothers funeral. Mind you... right in front of her laying in rest, her coffin. It still haunts me but with our new counselor and now going full time, weekly to counseling or more when financially possible, I plan to fully heal emotionally. Thank you to the individual who reached out to Eric via email this evening regarding information on the type of cancer that my aunt suffered from many years ago as we will be adding that information to my medical chart with oncology. Thank you to the mutual friend, prior boyfriend of an immediate family member who reached out to us only to give us their best. We will remain in touch.

Anything in life is possible to overcome. Anyone in life is possible to overcome. Anyone who causes more harm than good in your life is also easy to forget and easy to move on without them. 

God wants good for all of us as he continues removing those that we no longer need. This isn't something that I believe. It is something that I personally know.




To The Individual Leaving Comments On The Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign

June 18th, 2018


So once again my wife receives another comment from those we no longer know regarding this individual's friend or birth parent or whomever using their child's photo to set up a podbean account without their permission. I personally had this done to me by my own family I no longer know for years sharing photos of my biological son, even videos without my permission. It still continued thus I closed that door permanently with family. Secondly, I personally had higher powers that be look through the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website and do not see this screenshot you are referring to with someone using your child's photo to create a podbean account, I assume without your permission?

A bit of FYI good nature information for anyone that decides to use photos of under age children to set up profiles on any public social media page. You may want to contact the individual's parent first before taking it upon yourself to use a child's photo on a "public social media" account. 

This has nothing to do with myself or my wife's Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website. 

Do not contact the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website regarding issues that have nothing to do with my wife's website unless you have Gastroparesis or know someone with Gastroparesis or would like information for someone suffering with Gastroparesis.

Secondly, if this is the same individual who contacted the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign regarding someone using their child's photo to create a "public podbean account" without your permission and who is in this public social media screenshot that was given to myself, the spouse from a mutual friend. You may want to re-evaluate how poorly you have been talking about my wife and making fun of my personal podcast~blogcast website. Also you may want to re-evaluate your friends who have given my wife additional screenshots and text messages being exchanged with those regarding you talking poorly about my wife for years online, offline and social settings. Removing your name and public facebook comment and then contacting my wife who has no such photo of your child on her Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website, then in turn quickly remove your comment regarding my wife off of public social media-facebook... you were not quick enough. See screenshot from your mutual friend below:


Real funny isn't it? I like the part about this strange woman on the bottom and middle section of the social media slamfest screenshot regarding myself, my podcast and my wife as all above parties on this public facebook screenshot literally and intentionally slander, mock and poke fun of those who have cancer. Real funny isn't it? Didn't this strange woman also share with others on public social media, facebook about going to St. Jude, a children's cancer research hospital? Now this strange woman literally and intentionally makes fun of adults who suffer from cancer? So this strange woman decided to just omit making fun of children with cancer and just now makes fun of adults with cancer? Everyone reading this look at the above public facebook social media post of this strange woman making fun of my wife.

I think everyone thinks it's real funny don't they? Especially such a large permalink public blog following of close to 2,000,000 that my wife owns REALLY thinks it is funny don't they? I think my wife's specialists this week, next week as well our counselor REALLY THINK THIS IS FUNNY STUFF.

Think again!

Here is the video screenshot that is my property being used without my permission by your friend or whomever. One time warning not to use my material in a negative light without my permission. Also be advised that you may want to look up character skits, comedy when making great assumptions involving my skits and pass that information along to those in this screenshot sent to me. Last time someone checked, this screenshot of my material was still being used on public facebook, social media without my permission.


 Thank you however to all involved for the free publicity. 


Per my advice, you may want to directly contact the public profile podbean owner who set up a public podbean profile using your child's photo without your permission. You may want to also advise those who share screenshots of my skits, videos and work that is my property and to contact me next time first before using it in a "negative" light. Using my material without my permission. There is a reason that I pay to have a strong podcast company publish my channel. You only get one warning.

This should also serve as a warning. All comments on this podcast are now being monitored. All comments on the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign are now being monitored.



Podcast Channel Owner of "Our Crazy Little Life"




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I Ain’t Buyin Your Groceries RUNNIN’ ON COFFEE~

June 18th, 2018







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Radiation Therapy… Where Were You?

June 18th, 2018



Emotions... ARE healthy.

Today IS still a good day!


Thank you Grandmama for watching over me from heaven.

Remember my dear brave warriors... YOU are never alone.


Carry On~


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I SEE U Flirtin’ With ME! ;)

June 18th, 2018



I feel a GREAT podcast episode comin on soon!

I BELIEVE... we can make America GREAT again!


Now back to the podcast~blogcast.... yep...

I see U flirtin with me♡


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We Could Rap? I’m Game! I’m Game!

June 18th, 2018



Yep! This is really happening in our lives!

Really? OH YES... REALLY!


This is audio not of myself nor spouse is what happens when you take family matters outside of where they should remain... staying within the family. Not EVER inside any given courthouse or courtroom... AMEN. I warned the grandparents not to take this to court because I knew things would get really, really, REALLY bad. Another great lesson to share with others. Do not take family issues to court against family. Regardless if it's distant family or immediate family. I have said this for years... so many times I have personally lost track. Emotions... we all have them and respond differently. This too will happen, folks get upset and emotions will surface. These issues could had easily been prevented if the parties handled family issues outside of court. But it's far too late now. I predicted this to unfold in a not-so-great way and it most definitely has exploded like a really great fireworks show!


As for myself... hold on... just dropped my mic and popcorn. 

Now J... I personally do a bit of rappin' myself.. country rappin'.


If you want to start blaming anyone... you need to listen to the prior audio podcast. There is always two sides to a court filing. My side on audio is fact.

My strong opinion and advice to any grandparents or parents is never to talk poorly about your child, children or even adult child or adult children. I firmly believe that the first violation of talking poorly about your child, children, adult child or adult children should be having your parental license taken permanently away and placed in the hands of those whom respect their child, children, adult child or adult children. That would be like me talking about my stepson in a horrible manner in any way, shape or form. I would sure hope the good lord would strike me hard if I ever did such a thing. I believe those who ever talk poorly about their child, children, adult child or adult children should had thought twice about having kids in the first place. If you can't sit down with your child, children or adult child and adult children first to communicate before taking it upon yourself to talk poorly behind their back. Then you need to seek counseling on how to communicate with your child, children, adult child or adult children. I have absolutely ZERO RESPECT and I am going to come down very hard, extremely sharp and very firm when I say, "ZERO RESPECT" towards anyone who talks poorly about their children or adult children inside or outside of any courtroom. The parental police need take your parental license away from you.


Parental police... hmmmmmmm... that is a really wonderful idea.... must jot that down...


As I have stated many times... I have no problem taking ownership of protecting my stepson over the years from having to be present during oncology visits, treatments, surgeries, foundation home issues, new residency transition, hostile family dysfunction, family taking family constantly to court, etc. I refused to ever place him in an extremely stressful situation. I am one million percent content in knowing that I protected my stepson and I have absolutely ZERO REGRETS doing so. AMEN.

Seems like J... you may want to rap about me instead of my spouse. Or... we can actually take my idea and start a dueling Nick Cannon Wild N' Out version via Podcast.


Make sure to check off the uncensored option on your podcast. It is located on the right side of your podcast screen. There are youngins' who may sign up for your podcast channel and you wouldn't want them young ears to hear any cursin' from us adults or anything. Podbean is very strict about cursing on podcast channels.


We could rap? A double threat rappin' duo... I'm Game!

Speakin' of... 


Don't forget to visit the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign!

The original blog-OB is still up and now officially, "RUNNIN' ON COFFEE!"





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It’s Actually Not That Bad!

June 18th, 2018



bhahahaha.jpgYea... Eric might be a w-e-e bit upset with me later today... but I gotta hand it to this guy on audio. He is actually a bit funny. I don't know him, but when you can laugh at folks making fun of yourself. Then you are in a good place in life and everything is A-Okay. It takes one hell of a person to be okay with that statement and in a good place in their lives to be able to laugh at themselves being made fun of and I am now that person in that place in my life. This now gives us extra audio footage to answer back to their podcasts. It will be like dueling podcasts! 

What's even more funnier is when that non-existent, imaginary sibling that some are assuming I have is actually showing themselves on the ex-wife's podcast. One word: Troublemaker... again... cause women like this ain't nothing but gossipin' Betty's and Peggy Sue's. Take a peeksie for yourself folks. Right under our crazy little life because I personally appreciate some good ol' laughter and this guy on here is actually pretty dang on funny!

I think he should do some podcasts on his own:


You do the math on this one... yep... but the ex-wife and this midwest women may actually be sister's they know they didn't even have at birth. I know... you are a bit shocked but just callin' it like we see it folks. To my birth parents... and you wonder why we have no relationship and haven't in years. This should be enough to have you finally see the light... but it won't. Because you are afraid of your daughter retailating against you if you speak up as you have told us time and time and time and time again, "It would be hurtful to have them keep my grandkids and great grandkids away from me and your father as they have with you and Eric." 

At least she was being brutally honest.

The ex-wife in my opinion however... needs to amp it up a bit on the funny! But sometimes being a good comedian on a podcast takes some time... however the husband is actually F-U-N-N-Y! Only thing is you gotta sometimes throw a bit of honestly into your podcast. I don't know my spouse's ex-wife. The ex-wife has never been inside of our residence, or maybe Eric WAS having an affair with an ex without my knowledge... hmmmmm... (joking folks). Although... a starbuc$ and more funnies about me could earn you a dinner.

Just let me know your favorite dish because I am a AWESOME COOK!

Here is the definition of a Hypochondriac for the ex-wife seeing you may want to contact my birth parents and tell them your audio states I am a Hypochondriac and I really wasn't sick from birth, beginning as an infant.

"Hypochondriac- Pertaining to or suffering from Hypochondria, an excessive preoccupation with or worry about one's health when there are no clear medical issues." 

Well I be bakin' n biscuits'! Guess 2 years going through 17 surgeons and 3 mayo clinics in order to be properly diagnosed and then be handed off to a team of Onocologists so I could keep fighting makes me a Hypochondriac...

You best just call me a "Hypochondriac here on out Gina!"

Ummmm... GINA... DUH! I think anyone under the circumstances in my shoes would be very concerned for their health especially when it took years to get properly diagnosed with a REAL medical condition. Most folks in my shoes would had rightfully given up by now in which... you wouldn't be tryin' to be great friends with me like you are now... unless they give up the fight, in which people who don't continue fighting end up dying. The sad fact is some that suffer from long term illness end up taking their own life. You gotta get to know and understand me girl... I am a Born FIGHTER! If only medical issues were in my brain and not real. Kinda like really enduring chemotherapy and going under a huge radiation machine literally burning your insides alive. Really! If you are that jealous of what I am going through... I will gladly change shoes. You can walk in my shoes and I will make podcast comedy with your spouse. We would make a great podcast team! He is afterall... pretty darn FUNNY! I am now a spicy redhead so just a warnin' for em if he likes red heads. Just callin' it like I see it. By the way... ask em if he ever breeds unicorns?.. I'm a willin' buyer!

Hmmmmm.... we could be onto something... you just never know....


I only wish I had a touch of Magic Johnson's salary! 

I got to listenin' to this audio that he said was his ex-wife and her husband. It's suppose to be about myself and Eric. Hey! I will admit it's pretty good and if you can't laugh at yourself at the end of the day... then maybe you need to take another good look at yourself in the mirror. 

No worries for anyone taking offense to the audio on our behalf from these folks. Life is far too short not to smile and find some sort of laughter. Heck... I will follow this podcast because you just never know... this guy may be the next great stand-up comedian of his time.


This could be another Nick Cannon podcast version of "Wild N' Out!" 

Hmmmmm... another great idea...


Yea... most would be livid... most even a bit upset... some even finding an attorney first thing in the morning. But not I... I appreciate the art of laughter and even at your own expense, my expense.

Eric's attorney... well he may not find it too funny... but at least I do and I can laugh at myself and actually feel flattered that although I may not have family. Thank goodness that I at least have these folks who take the time to care enough about me to make some funnies about me. When they stop making funnies about me then I'll know they stopped caring. Good or bad... I'll TAKE IT!

 Only advice I have for your podcast is that you need to mix it up a bit. Folks get bored and add video. Variety is the spice of life! Make sure to post at least 2-3 podcasts on a daily basis. People want to make sure your serious about your podcast and not just playin' around. Any other ideas or suggestions... feel free to ask. If you would like me to share your link we could exchange for a Starbuc$... your sister there Miss Midwest should know what I mean... I'm willin' to negotiate.


Appreciate the support and thanks for followin'...  

"Our Crazy Little Life"




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Life… That’s Life~

June 18th, 2018



Let's just get everything out in the open shall we...


Because that's life and even CHAOS is a part of life.






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