The Ability To Connect… The Purple Bunny~

April 8th, 2018

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We were planning on taking down the Easter decorations today. However... a little certain someone or some type of energy or whatever whomever you may want to call it decided to make their presence known.

There are times when my gift tends to become a bit silent. Then there are times like this evening where the ability to connect still never ceases to amaze me. More like... amaze us as a huge flashing light flew past us in the hallway and instantly disappeared. I saw it. But the bigger question was did Eric see it. 

Oh yes... he most definitely saw it as if almost literally jumping out of his skin, "Did you just see that?!"

 I have never lived a boring life... I doubt that my life will ever get boring while still being blessed each and every day. Celebrating the gift of life. I take great faith in knowing that one day I will finally have the long awaited answers and the reasons to have been given such a special gift. A gift that had been given to me at a very young age. The ability to connect.

Another time another moment and another opportunity caught on camera. Instead of taking down the Easter decorations. We decided to leave them be for a little while longer. No need to explain this video because there will always be those who believe... and there will always be skeptics.

Our loved ones may leave this earth in the physical sense. However their spiritual connection and love for us always remains in many ways shapes and forms.

A true gift from Heaven. 


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