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April 11th, 2018

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This video pretty much sums up our hectic and crazy life as this morning we made our way back up to the hospital... again. More appointments, more testing and more bad news that doesn't make things seem very promising.

It's hard to comprehend one organ after another beginning to fail me. It's even worse to find out today that fast-track, maximum course of 3D radiation therapy from almost 2 years ago has caused another complication. Another reason for concern as radiation therapy has now been blamed for causing the lower lobe obstruction. My Critical Care Specialists have now isolated everything as far as two separate issues with my lungs and a connected issue with my heart. This really has been a life long struggle with what they know now as serious autoimmune issues that also play an important role with upper lobe scarring in both of my lungs. My body has continued going after its own organs which has caused a slew of problems when we thought ovarian tumors (cancer) was a big enough concern. We might as well forget gastroparesis because that seems to now be the least of my worries. 

20180408_192955_resized_1.jpgAt the end of the day as I set my cell phone alarm for two additional times to take more medication than I could have ever imagined to be on in this lifetime... just to be able to breathe. I look forward to embracing another good day. Far happier days that mean plenty of smiles and a whole lotta laughter that literally takes your breath away... but in a good way!

It's been another day coming to terms with more unforeseen permanent changes in my life due to medical reasons. Another day realizing why it's so important to embrace the little things in life that bring the most happiness. The little things that we all take for granted.


"The secret to reach the butterflies is not to run after them, the best secret is to take care of your garden with love and patience so that they get to you. Normally the things that have cost you the most to achieve are the ones that are most enjoyed."


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