Night Terrors, Tremors Suffered By An Abused… Now Rescued Fur Angel

February 13th, 2018

Watch Now:


As stated in the prior Podcast-Blogcast. This is a video of what we had experienced with Big LOVE after rescuing him and bringing him home to be with our little family. 

We were asked to take a video while Big LOVE was sleeping so our veterinarian would have more insight on what kind of abuse Big LOVE had suffered by the hands of his prior owners. Big LOVE was severely kicked, beaten and hung buy a rope tied tightly around his tail. He was then left out in the woods to die. We came across Big LOVE while walking the trails one day. That day is now history, months later, as we continue loving and embracing him as part of our little family.

Big LOVE set himself free by chewing through the rope as we removed the remainder of the rope once we were able to trap him in a humane cage. Big LOVE was then taken to be checked out by a local veterinarian that has a huge heart and amazing compassion for all abused and neglected animals. 

We all have a place in our heart and a place in our home to welcome a rescued fur angel. 

We now firmly believe that we did not rescue Big LOVE... but instead Big LOVE has rescued US with such unconditional love.

This Valentine's Day, I encourage you to open your home and open your heart.

Save a life. Adopt a fur angel.

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