Earthy To-Go Snacks… By Little Ole Me

April 9th, 2018

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Tomorrow  marks another start to a bit more serious of a day at the hospital while meeting with my Cardiologist and Critical Care team. Needing to still get the old lungs and heart back on track and finally somewhat stable.

In the meantime...  there's always room to make some funnies!

Today's recipe by Little Ole Me is something quick, easy and a whole lot healthy! An earthy heart-healthy little treat for anyone on the go that needs some extra energy... a little pep to the old step! 

"Earthy To-Go Treats... by Little Ole Me"

There really isn't much to throwing this little healthy mix together. All you need is a few minutes and a couple of plastic or Tupperwear containers. It most definitely beats all the unhealthy stuff that sure isn't good to snack on throughout the day. Gastroparesis for me means a lifetime of trial and error. There are recipes that I have created over the years that actually do pretty well for me! Like this super easy earthy to-go treat. Set your clocks for a few minutes... actually less than five because here's all you need:

2 plastic or Tupperware containers

One box of Very Berry Cheerios

One box of Kashi Organic Blueberry Clusters cereal

One box of Sun-Maid Golden California Raisins

For those wanting extra fiber to help cinch the old waistline during this upcoming bikini season... Kashi Go-Lean cereal pretty much says it all! It will lean you out really quick and then some! Hahahahaha! After last night's episode of both of us trying the Kashi Go-Lean... I think I will stick with the lower fiber content of Kashi Blueberry Clusters Organic cereal! 

All you need to do is get your containers ready and add a little bit of all three ingredients to your liking. Snap that lid on tightly and give it a few good shakes! 

Not only is this a super healthy, high-fiber and low-calorie quick snack on the go... but it's super easy to make and to store in any size container. I personally like to use the smaller containers that fit in my purse.

Bon Appetit and enjoy this funny and informative recipe video to boot! 


"Earthy To-Go Treats"

By Little Ole Me


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