A Most Memorable Connection…

February 6th, 2018

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Oh... this photo... Eric leaning over the most infamous haunted bed. Little did we know what we would encounter later that evening as soon as we sat on the edge of the bed. Little did we know that the owner of the hotel had no idea where the bed came from after acquiring it upon purchase of the historic bed-and-breakfast.


It did not take long for my gift to be able to sense something was not quite right about this bed. And whomever was the original owner of this bed... most definitely did not want anyone laying on it... whether alone sitting on the edge of their bed. 

It wasn't until the second day that we came back with some ITC equipment when we realized we weren't alone in the room. We most definitely met our match when it came to this very demanding spirit who did not want anyone near their bed. I believe that after we pass our spirit somehow still remains. In this particular case... this spirit has claimed complete control over their favorite antique bed. 

With such amazing footage on a basic cell phone video camera. It literally took me a few weeks before contacting the owner of the bed-and-breakfast. The owner began to explain how she used to be one of the biggest skeptics surround when it came to spirits and the afterlife. Anything haunted as she said as most would call it . However, once she claimed ownership of the historic bed-and-breakfast. The skeptic part of her quickly faded to a believer of the afterlife. It wasn't just that particular room where she had met with those from the past still visiting a place that they once use to reside. But as well she expressed very clearly how the rest of the property always seems to be alive with thick energy and a sense as if she is never alone.
Once a skeptic... now a believer.
A few months later, I was contacted by the owner of this historic bed-and-breakfast. We were asked to come back to visit a fourth floor of the building that is kept away from the public. But life happens and so do health issues. We most definitely will be back later this spring as I can't wait to possibly connect with other souls who still visit from the past. A historically charming bed-and-breakfast along the river. This video footage was taken on my cell phone as you can clearly watch a very transparent of sorts energy that wanted to make itself known. It is only the second time over the years in which I had someone, something, a spirit or whatever you may like to call the afterlife... reach out and touch me on more than a few occasions to let me know that they were present with us. Yes, I was very taken back as you can clearly hear in the video. But it was not anything negative, just a very gentle spirit. It was extremely hard for myself and Eric to leave the bed-and-breakfast after spending a few days. I felt as if this spirit was just lonely and glad to have us as visitors. Someone to be able to connect with them. 

I am SUPER EXCITED to annouce that later this week we will be back to local travels with a private residence in Kentucky. A very historic farmhouse that was built in 1898. We will be the very first to visit as it opens its doors after being closed for several months due to as what the family believes... several spirits that have now claimed the property. A true skeptic who told me on the phone this afternoon that they would rather not have anyone know what's truly going on in there 3rd generation historic farmhouse.

I can only imagine what will be waiting for us on the other side of those old farmhouse doors later this week.

More soon to follow!

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