A Story Of Survival

February 13th, 2018



meAndPapakittyoct2017.jpgThis photo is of myself and our neighborhood sweetheart we named, Papa Kitty. We have recently opened our home to Papa during the cold winter months here in the country. If one could look into the eyes of a most lovable feline fur baby... it is indeed the eyes to the soul that tells such an incredible story.  A Story of Survival.

Papa fortunately was micro chipped and we were able to find more information out about his prior human Mommy and extended family. Instead of placing Papa out to brave the cold winter months. We have instead continued to lovingly embrace him and welcome him inside our home with our other fur children. It is with great sadness to find out that his original owner, an elderly woman who lived down the street, had passed away late last year. Papa kitty was then placed outside to never return to his owner or home again.

Papa kitty is a well-adjusted older kitty that enjoys to give big hugs, wrap his paws around your legs while he sleeps and gives tiny kisses on your forehead when least expected. His way of expressing such unconditional love that comes from a fur child.

I've always had an overwhelming passion and huge place in my heart for all of God's creatures, both big and small. One will never experience far greater unconditional love in this lifetime as with that love that comes from a rescued fur angel.

The following Podcast-Blogcast is a video of Big LOVE kitty. I would like to express in advance that it is a very sad video of what happens after a pet has been abused. Big LOVE was not only abused by the hands of his owners. But was also severely neglected.

I am very happy to say that he has made a full turn around and almost a complete recovery from his abuse. Big LOVE's night terrors and tremors have been replaced with happy purring and far sweeter dreams. Big LOVE kitty went from a 6 pound adult cat, to now a very healthy 12 lb fur child.  

A permanent part of our little family.

#ADOPT #RescueAFurAngel #TrueLOVE

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