A Great CORE Deal!!

April 7th, 2018

Watch Now:


 We're all about a great deal... especially the healthy kind!

I literally live off of Core Organic beverages so imagine our surprise after seeing this weekend steal of a deal!

50 cents a bottle?! Get outta here!

If you as well drink Core Organic beverages... then you are also well aware that this little healthy organic drink runs close to over $3 a bottle at your local grocery retailers and health food stores. This can get to be Mighty expensive!

This weekend while you are out and about and live near a Big Lots store... I highly suggest making a quick pit stop to stock on up on the good stuff! $0.50 a bottle goes a long way folks! It also leaves extra money in the old pocket book to go towards other major accessories and repairs such as our fourth time around plumbing issues... pffff! 

More of that to follow because we have far more important things to worry about as we trek our way to the Middle East for tomorrow's Sunday Podcast~Blogcast treat...


Enjoy this quick little video and get yourself on out there girl and stock up on the Good Ole healthy stuff! Hehehehehe!


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