A Little Bit About… Our Crazy Little Life :)


Hello! Howdy! Hola! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Ola! Namaste! Salaam! Zdras-Tvuy-Te! Nin Hao!

Welcome to our Podcast~Blogcast

"Our Crazy Little Life" 


A blog on steroids of sorts! 

Not only do I enjoy writing, but as well I look forward in sharing my love for photography and even my newest adventure in videography. 

A place to sit back, grab your cup of coffee, tea, beer or even a glass of wine and get ready to laugh at all of life's ins, outs, ups and downs.  

My ultimate goal over the years while being one of many, bravest of the brave warriors, enduring ongoing surgical procedures, far-too-much testing, way-too-many visits to various doctors, surgeons and other specialists, radiation therapy and other various experimental treatments, was to dust myself back off and realize the dream of re-entering the workforce. A far-too-long leave of absence while searching for a cure so I could get back on my feet again. After several failed attempts at gaining a temporary work permit, finding a way of seeking employment from home. I was finally granted a temporary work permit last year, however life happened and my health took another downhill turn.

But as with life.... here I am... back on my feet again!

During the hard times, life's trials and tribulations. I found the love of writing through blogging. I also tapped further into my passion for photography. Most recently, videography. In time, I hope to turn, Our Crazy Little Life, Podcast-Blogcast into so much more! I plan to work exceptionally hard during my good days in hopes of realizing my dream of opening an animal sanctuary in Nevada. A place where injured and retired animals can live the remainder of their life in peace. The ultimate safe haven with endless food, comfortable shelter and an abundance of love. A place for all of God's creatures, both big and small. 

I hope our Podcast-Blogcast brings you a smile or two or three or four!

Laughter is the best medicine on the face of this earth. And... it's free!

 Life may not always be a bed of roses. But it's our life.

"Our Crazy Little Life"