Woman Heard Grunting At Eric Announcing His Piano Performance… Hehehehe!

February 11th, 2018

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I probably never laughed so hard... yet was still so mesmerised at all of the unexplainable things that happened during our overnight stay at this historic farmhouse in Kentucky. 

originalpartandcontentsfarmhouse_672x1024_.jpgWe could had never imagined so much that we didn't even realize that we captured on various pieces of equipment. This always happens to us when staying overnight at historic landmarks... always when least expected. Mainly my personal cell phone which seemed to not just capture the unexplainable, but also the unexplainable had a fun time draining my cell phone battery. On more than a few occasions. We are still sifting through photos and videos coming across those who did their best to make their presence known to us.

In a few photos and videos. The stuffed animal elephant we brought down from the attic. Seeing it sit in a storage box just didn't seem like the appropriate place when all of the energy was focused in the happiest part of the house... the Parlor Room. The room with the mysterious yet magical piano that still held on to its original owner. The small bag sitting as well on top of the piano holds a bonnet that the current owners found after tearing down some of the walls.

Could this female energy be connected to the old bonnet? We believe so! 

What an amazing, exciting, magical place that holds so much of the way life used to be back in the day. The days when farming life brought with it, family unity. An old farmhouse... a fourth generation of family still doing their best to preserve history.

The good ole days!


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