Tough Times Call For CUTER Videos! :)

March 5th, 2018

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This video really says it all with these two huge personalities! 


They're really addicted to the Amish peanut butter and homemade preserves! A little treat in the evenings has now turned into a 24-hour ordeal each time Eric goes into the kitchen. Hahahaha! There's absolutely nothing wrong with using organic peanut butter as a treat since a lot of treats that they consume also have the same ingredient... peanut butter. Maybe it's the Husky or German Shepherd in them. But one thing is for certain... they sure do love their peanut butter and jelly! Hehehehehe!

I had my first of two follow up appointments since surgery last week. It was very unfortunate news to hear that there's nothing the surgeon can do after realizing 3D Fast Track radiation that missed its target ended up hitting surrounding organs that ended up instead being targeted during treatment. 3D means I actually  received radiation therapy in a 3 dimensional way that moved the radiation machine around my body in a circular motion doing its best to aim at the initial target which is the largest ovarian tumor. We already knew towards the end of radiation therapy that they could not get to the target due to the large tumor being strangulated around my intestines and nearby organs. 

They say that the true side effects of radiation therapy do not rear their ugly head until a year to 2-years post radiation treatment. Unfortunately, I am one of the 5% that will be dealing with ongoing problems that have stemmed from radiation affecting other surrounding organs, away from its main targeted area. We have went from a promising 15-week experimental treatment. To now another possible treatment that is also experimental, in which, they are not certain if our insurance will even cover this other treatment. 

As for today... I try not to think too far ahead and just take things one day at a time. The goal right now is to recover successfully from surgery... then I will deal with the far bigger issues at hand. 

In the meantime... there's always a reason to smile and share some laughter in this far too serious world. Life is far too short to sweat the big nor the small stuff. I don't go with logistics of things medically anymore... I go with the direction that the wind carries me~

Enjoy this super cute video of these junk food Junkies! "No I'm Not!" Did Babyblue really just say that??


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