Tomorrow… The Middle East!

April 16th, 2018

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Talking about all sorts of hidden gems those Little Darlings left behind for us... prior owners of this fine establishment.


Talk about finding out other great little pieces of info that has helped us continue to piece together one problem after another... oh... a sink hole in the backyard?. Nothing like neighbors asking if we had any further problems with the sinkhole in the backyard.

That's just a taste of more little hidden gems we are finding from the prior owners as neighbors are wondering what's going on after having two more contractors coming out to the property over the past few days. Sure wasn't due to a sinkhole... but we are looking in to that backyard issue to see where it may be located so when Eric cuts the grass he doesn't fall into the sinkhole with the lawn mower. Hehehehehehe! Okay... maybe not so funny after receiving that tad bit of information.

For now we are dealing with more  horrible do-it-yourself repairs that the prior owners left for us like having two pipes for the plumbing and furnace system that have been cut in half and don't match because both pipes are two different sizes. PFFFFF! I am super sensitive to all sorts of smells now thanks to a really strong regimen of respiratory medications, inhalers and nebulizer drugs. I thought I was smelling something very strange by the furnace and once again I was correct as a camera was placed through the piping to realize these people literally did they're own makeshift pipes themselves that didn't even match but probably had just laying around. Using different size pipes that didn't even match which meant not connecting properly nor securely and especially not safely. What a way to rig major pipes to the furnace system through the chimney... outtake pipes. We also do not have a fresh air intake pipe... thanks prior owners! So tomorrow morning we will be making our decision on which company we will be using on really expensive labor and mandatory repairs that are not covered under any warranty due to failure on the prior owners part who decided to have Daryl and Daryl do the work for them. I assume while they were all drinking cases upon cases of wine.

Thankfully Eric got his tool belt on and replaced the kitchen faucet and spray nozzle that literally not just sprayed the dishes... but as well began giving us a facial spray bath at the same time. Hahahahaha! It at least saved us another Hefty Plumbing bill!

We really want to sell this little Hidden Gem after literally flipping every single thing in this house from top to bottom. This of course after another 2 to 3 more months of odds and ends that hopefully don't end up costing major work like we're getting ready to get hit with next week.

Talking about learning by experience and gaining a lifetime of wisdom as far as never being able to pull a fast one again on us buying our next house! Amen.

No worries though because you always have to have some down time and a reason to share a few smiles and far happier moments. Like... finally visiting the Middle East and sharing what we expect to be one quite memorable video tomorrow!


Enjoy this cute little video of Babyblue connecting with her own native land... the sounds of flutes... hehehehehehe!


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