The Unconditional LOVING Bond Between A Husky & Her Guinea Pigs~

April 15th, 2018

Watch Now:


These three... they really are a match made in heaven! Hehehehehehe!

Who would have thought a husky and two guinea pigs would have such unconditional love by constantly sharing sisterly kisses throughout the day. This all started 3 months ago when we thought maybe Babyblue was trying to go after Daisy Mae and Snuggly Doo. However... now we realize they literally enjoy keeping each other company with visits throughout the day and a few little kisses to express how much they truly do love each other.

It really gets no cuter than these three and this adorable video... hehehehehe!

When moving Daisy Mae and Snuggly Doo's cage in order to clean it. Babyblue goes absolutely beserk! She's definitely one very protective big sister while keeping guard to make sure that they are both okay. They really are an odd match... an unbreakable, unconditional loving bond between a husky and her little guinea pigs. 

A true match made in heaven~


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