April 12th, 2018

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This video is too gosh darn SCARY FUNNY as I once again get Eric when he least expects it... BOO!!!! Hahahahaha!!

Yep... I am right back at it again with the same old scare tactic shenanigans all for a good laugh or two or three or four depending if you are the scare'er or just plain old SCARED! Eric's facial expression says it all as we are still laughing! Hahahahaha!

20180412_221249.jpgWe were really hopeful to at least get a bit of a break at yesterday's appointment as far as limitations that had been placed over a month ago due to latest medical complications. But there were no breaks nor any changes as I still remain under the care of my critical care specialists and cardiologist. A continued set of rules to abide by for the time being while doing their best to get me stable enough to not be under such strict care. All of the respiratory medicine already leaves me feeling beyond Jazzed-Up so to speak. I still have three more tests to undergo which hopefully they can get me scheduled in with the hospital one and done no later than early next week.

Just when I thought I was reaching the top of this Mammoth Mountain... here comes another obstacle placed in my way before I can get back to somewhat of a normal life... not being under such strict medical care. We have so many amazing plans that were already underway. That includes our final Big Move out west. Yet... here we are once again stuck waiting and wondering.

With so many obstacles that continue to remain in our way... one has to remember that there are things in life that will be out of your hands and out of your control. So in the meantime... I might as well have a little bit of fun while being stuck at home.

Life is far too short so if you can't say something nice... make sure it's either scary or funny.

In Eric's case... SCARY F-U-N-N-Y!


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