Ready! Ready?

June 13th, 2018

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Like clockwork these two cuties were outside waiting for me to bring out their morning breakfast treats. 

Only less than 2 feet seperate me from hand feeding them as I am beyond super excited waiting for that day! 


Trust and timing is everything.


I may be ready to hand feed these two cuties... but what I am still not sure of is the second attempt at surgery. 

Less than 24-hours and I am still uncertain of what is to come or what should possibly no longer be bothered. So far three seperate surgical procedures this year did not resolve one single thing. The complications alone were quite damning. Instead of getting better. Things either remained the same or got worse post-surgery.

I was going to call the hospital this morning at 7am to cancel everything. But once again... I remain undecided. Mainly not certain if my body can handle another procedure... another surgery. To be quite honest... I have been so physically tired over the past week that I have only made it out of the house a few times to ride along with Eric to watch Snoreo and Babyblue have fun at our local dog park.


The next 24-hours will be the most important 24-hours of my life. Timing and signs to move forward or not to move forward are everything. 

Change is inevitable either way. 


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