Looking Forward To Our Next Great Venture!

March 11th, 2018

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Ahhhh... tis another day being stuck at home. Waking up to the hope of treatments keeping me out of any further trouble and on my way of being stabilized... medically speaking.

Eric has already missed an entire week of work. We have surpassed paid leave and now on unpaid leave which doesn't make me feel very comfortable. You know that uneasy feeling where you look at your checkbook and figure out how it's going to hit you later. After seeing two additional new specialists since being hospitalized earlier this week... they are giving me till next week to start feeling better. I have my moments throughout the day where a good hour will hit me and which I believe I am close to coming to the other side of this big mountain. Then of course... I will get hit out of nowhere and then back down for the count again stuck on what feels like a forever couch bed. 

Myself and Eric were hopeful that he would be able to return to work but that was 3 days ago. My doctors are not comfortable with me being home alone until they are able to stabilize me with at home treatments... every 4 hour treatments. (More of those crazy treatments on the next podcast.) Slowly but surely medical reports are coming back from Radiology. Most recent EKG, ECG, lung tests and lactic acid testing. Congestive heart failure with septic shock is something that you don't really survive a second time around so they want to make sure that all of my organs are working as normal as possible. 

Four specialists are still not sure if the blood infection had come from the ovarian tumors or GI intestinal infection. What they do now know is that it had nothing to do with the most recent surgery regarding my kidneys and bladder. At least we know that this is just a connected problem... complication of far bigger issues that have been going on for quite a long time. As for myself and Eric... we most definitely believe that this is the cause from the largest ovarian tumor leaking very dangerous fluid, cells or whatever you may call it or choose to call it.

I tend to look at things differently now in my life through another new set of eyes / my own personal experiences. Dwelling on things doesn't change what has happened. But I know for a fact my Angels were with me in that hospital emergency room. Eric asked me this evening if I noticed the point when everyone was trying to do multiple tests at once and there was hardly no room to move and yet my blood pressure and pulse would quickly change to 111. Is it a mere coincidence? No... it's not. If you're familiar with the Angel digits then I need not say more. 

It's going to still be a little ways before I start feeling better, but in the meantime I've been able to sit through videos that were taking during our many historic ventures. This video is from Waverly Hospital located in Kentucky. It was another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to connect with our past. History that still seems Frozen in Time. No... Waverly Hospital which was also an asylum was not scary and we did not feel any negative presence. But instead a very overwhelming sad energy of those who greatly suffered while spending months and some even years at this very large historic Hospital that housed tuberculosis patients and even acted as an orphanage for abandoned children. This video was taken inside an underground tunnel where they would bring the bodies of those who were deceased. So many beautiful souls had lost their lives in such great numbers that it was not uncommon to have more than a hundred bodies waiting to be picked up at the end of the tunnel where a secret door waited to be opened. Some were returned to their respective families... while others were brought to local funeral homes or buried in small grave sites away from the hospital.

Towards the end of the video while Eric is talking you can distinctively hear a gentleman's voice. We aren't sure if he is saying you or boo?. For those who are permalink readers on my original blog you will remember the photo of The Apparition that we didn't realize we photographed standing looking down at an autopsy table. A woman in a very distinctive long gown.


It was an amazing experience! One in which myself and Eric had learned so much... yet after we left... we felt so incredibly humbled. We can't wait till I get better so we can pick back up again to our next great historic venture! 

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