Little Ol’ Info…

May 15th, 2018

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Requests... requests.. requests...

I'm attaching this video that better explains the little old ticker monitor per your requests.


For everyone looking for the Bob Marley Mellow Mood Tea... in between this podcast~blogcast and the OG-original blog located on the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website... The Bob Marley Beverage Company has been working on backorders as we speak with one AMAZING one-of-a-kind Mellow Mood.. relax you till the cows come home Tea! Hehehehehe!

Really.. no joke folks! This tea that comes in diet and regular literally is the best product currently out on the market that you'll ever find if you need help sleeping or just need to relax and take it easy~~~naturally!


Stay tuned for this evenings video that includes a few cans of good ol' baked beans!  

You know where this is going... Hehehehehehe!!!



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