Let Em Stay In The Basement.

February 11th, 2018

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For those who have been following our overnight historic adventure on the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website blog.


Then you will know about the little part of the basement that we ventured one time, one video and one photo before calling it quits with that area of the house.

letitstayinthebasement.jpgThis is the infamous photo that was taken in the basement. Of course, we had no idea what we captured until going on break so I could recharge my cell phone for the umpteenth time. A cell phone battery constantly being drained in the house by something or someone. The story told to us by the current owner regarding their children, now adults, matches perfectly with what we had encountered in the same area located in the basement.

I do believe in time... once the rest of the Halloween decorations are taken down from the home that once was being used as a haunted house. Will then any negative energy in the basement find its place elsewhere in the world. Could someone had been buried in the crawl space which is dirt and rock visibly seen in the basement? Could this be connected to Indian burial ground that the home currently resides on built in 1898? I have no idea, neither do the 4th generation owners of the family farm. But the story remains the same... sometimes there is negative energy and you have to leave that negative energy alone.

That is about all I have or want to say regarding the basement. The only negative part of this old historic farmhouse in Kentucky.

The following video was taken in the basement. We had no idea of the deep breathing at the end of the video until we got home later the next day... after reviewing all of our equipment. 

Sage... its a must.


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