May 13th, 2018

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Yesterday was a good day as well as a decent evening to walk along the river trails...

Today is not a great day so we decided to celebrate Fur Mother's Day tomorrow which is Mother's Day for all of those lucky women out there who have fur babies that they love and care for unconditionally with all their heart~

Tomorrow morning will be an early rise and shine as I have a pretty hefty schedule between rescans due to my intestines have literally flipped and have positioned the largest tumor in a not-so-safe position. Hopefully I won't have to be tormented any further than another CT scan come Tuesday morning... while tomorrow morning I am back with my Critical Care Specialists.

It's going to be quite a busy week on top of the third attempt with contractors replacing piping that was done incorrectly by the prior owners and another round of duct cleaning throughout the entire ventilation system in our home here in a country.

So until tomorrow....

Here's wishing everyone a very happy of the happiest "Mother's Day-Fur Mother's Day" as I celebrate taking it easy with my beloved fur Angels by my side~xoxoxo

Don't forget life is far too short not to find a reason each and every day to smile and laugh like there's no tomorrow...


 Kinda like today's podcast~blogcast video!

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