Feeling A WEE Bit Under The Weather…

March 7th, 2018

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Yea... so feeling a wee bit under the weather. Tis not a good past 24-hours.

But you know what? This too shall pass!

Glad to be home now and just waiting on labs that had to be sent out of state. A record 79 blood tests. Thank God for an amazing hospital and emergency room team! Not sure where the blood infection is coming from... although they suspect the largest ovarian tumor. At least I was quick in knowing to head up ASAP to the hospital! We also had no idea I was starting with early signs of pneumonia?. I honestly thought it was just asthma due to seasonal allergies. At least the 103 fever is down to a safer 101... I will take it! Two bags of fluids later... bloated as hell. 

But you what? This too shall pass!

So.. for now back to rest, rest and more rest. Can't stand being negative Nelly nor do I want to be a constant complainer regarding my health but you know what folks? Shish kabobs.... happen (my choice word instead of curse word~HA). Life happens. 

Promise to follow this up with our first ever car karaoke while heading to Lowe's just a day before my health decided to take a spiral turn. Isn't it crazy how one day you can feel as if you're getting better and then the next day you're down for the count?. Cancer is never to be taken lightly. Neither are experimental treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Always make sure to go with your gut when not feeling well. Never wait around until it's too late. 

Enjoy the next video... a little car karaoke round 1!


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