Enjoying The Most Beautiful Sights & Sounds

March 13th, 2018

Watch Now:


If you've already watched the above video from early this morning... then clearly you can see how we started our day.

BreathtakenlyBeautifulSNOWw_450x800_.jpgAll the most beautiful sights and sounds of snow slowly glistening down from the sky. An unexpected... but most definitely welcomed snowfall late in the winter season.

What a perfect way to start the morning just listening to all the sights and sounds of Mother Nature and the most beautiful snowflakes falling around us while on our way to the hospital for another round of treatments.

We are hopeful that Eric will be able to return to work this coming week. No one can predict the unpredictable especially when it comes to your health. I am still struggling with shortness of breath even when walking around the house trying to get back some of my energy. My doctors are still working hard to get me stabilized so I don't fall back into any further trouble.

Another most humbling experience when one quickly understands the true meaning of life. The most simplest of pleasures... the simplicity of things that mean the most... what money can't buy.... true happiness.

Thank you Mother Nature for bringing a most memorable late-season gift of such beautiful snow! I couldn't have asked for anything more.


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