Did You Say… BAKED BEANS?!!

May 15th, 2018

Watch Now:


Now I tell ya.. who doesn't love themselves some good ol' baked beans! 

Who also doesn't love themselves a silly goofy funny old video before bedtime... hehehehehehe!


20180406_173557_resized_1_1_.jpgYou know what we're starting to really enjoy here in the country? The convenience of Walmart grocery pickup with simple to use online ordering just a click away!

The difference between Walmart grocery pick-up and other retailers is that there is no extra charge. That means lots of extra cash in your pocket for other life necessities or in our case... little lemon gem repairs left by the prior owners of our fine establishment. Just order online and set your time to pick up the same day or the following day. Call the number on the sign in front of your parking spot and the kind folks at Walmart will bring the order out for you. How convenient is that! Even when ordering your favorite can of baked beans!


You know what this is starting to sound like don't ya? Hmmmmmm...

The makings for a really f-u-n-n-y video!


Come on now... who doesn't love themselves some good ol' baked beans°°°



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