Did You Laugh Enough? LOL… Round 2.. KARAOKE! ;)

May 14th, 2018

Watch Now:


Yep! He is officially cut off from future karaoke performances! Bahhahahahaha!

Thank goodness he's going to stick to his day job...

No worries though because I feel a little bit of Elton John... possibly even Cher in the next few days so one better watch out for Karaoke Wars! Hehehehehe!

On a different note...

It was a record 95 degrees today here in the country and it hasn't even turned the month of June yet! This weather feels more like mid-July. One can only hope and cross their fingers that the weatherman is finally right in the next two to three days forecast with at least some rain. So far all of our wildflower seeds and deer foliage seeds... all 20,000+ are doing exceptionally well and of course could use a little bit of Mother Nature's assistance... bring on the rain!

We are still under contact with our possible new home purchase far out in the country. What we are anxiously waiting for is the word on whom or possibly what business bought the other acreage of land that was part of the residential property. After a brief online search we have found not only the property card but a little bit of additional information which is not looking too promising. If we can't relocate out west to our long awaited destination due to obvious medical reasons... Nevada. Then we both agreed to refuse to settle until we have the right property and the right amount of acreage for some peace and quiet. I don't get it with these realtor games that seem to step up a notch from just the prior-year. What happened to honesty is the best policy?

Seems lying is the name of the game in this day and age... sign of the times. 

So are the continued high school and college games such as the new deodorant challenge. Kind of reminds me of a Billy Joel karaoke song waiting to happen...

" Don't Ask Me Why"


Enjoy this second karaoke video because life is far too short not to share the laughter~



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