At This Historic Location…

February 11th, 2018

Watch Now:


At this historic location...  Eric sure ain't no Elton John! Hahahaha!

I have never seen so much energy and so much activity isolated in one area of a historic home. Once the piano began to play... so did the happy energy that surrounded us throughout the entire evening into the early morning hours.


For those who also read the blog on the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website.

These are some videos and additional photos over the next three podcast-blogcast posts of what we captured during our overnight stay. Bountiful energy that Lit Up every piece of ITC equipment that we brought to this historic barnhouse. 

If you zoom in... you will notice some sort of energy next to Eric on the piano stool. This was after he invited anyone present to take a seat and play the piano with him. We are still in awe of such amazing footage! This just goes to show that those whom have passed, most definitely frequent the places that have brought them the most happiness.

Many years ago... when the piano brought families together. I believe this is the happy place for the female presence who made herself known.

Life... does indeed go on in the afterlife.


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