60+ Acres… Sounds Good To Me! ;)

May 11th, 2018

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We've been on the hunt for our final Big Move set destination to plant our feet finally and firmly on the ground. A place that provides some peace, quiet, privacy and complete tranquility.

Finally a place we can call... home.

After an unsuccessful scan and another rescan scheduled at the hospital for early next week. We have decided that plan B may work out best in the long run. Since the largest ovarian tumor has surpassed its size then even myself was not prepared for this week. We have decided that maybe Indiana was meant to be the place all along to call... home. Driving across the Great USA to Nevada would be literally impossible now for me. 

A good friend of mine back across state lines always tells me that the signs will lead us to the right destination. You know... I totally believe in signs as well as landing a contract on a peaceful place along the rolling hills here in the country. We are scheduled to look into a few minor but could possibly be major red flags with this particular property in the country. It seems that over a hundred and fifty acres that was split by the sellers into two separate sales may become an issue. The other sale is already in the works and purchased from who we were told by the realtor...they are not sure of.... S-U-R-E! 

So this weekend before continuing on to a sudden and swift change of residency after already having a private buyer interested in our home. We have decided to sign a few contingencies before proceeding ahead in order to make sure no big development plans are going in across the street from a place that if God willing... will finally be our permanent home.

60+ acres... sounds good to me!


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