May 12th, 2018

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2 years to this very date.. I remember my very first oncology treatment like it was just yesterday. The anxiety... yet excitement of possibly being cured. The chance and possibility to be able to finish oncology treatments and maximum radiation therapy in order to walk through those doors of oncology as a winner... a survivor.

2 years to this very date.. I may have been unsuccessful with oncology treatments and trying to control my medical destiny. But through the experience... trials and tribulations...


I have gained so much more.


Although I would never wish cancer nor the demise that faces those who aren't successful after maximum oncology treatments nor have the ability to walk back out those oncology doors as a winner. We still somehow seem to find a way to survive. 

You and I... we are still doing our damnedest to thrive and live each and every day that we are gifted by the grace of God....


That my friends is the epitome of the truest of true Survivors.




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